Sunday, April 18, 2010


hmm.. so... where to start? i realise after not blogging for like ever, i kinda lost the feel and will to blog.. and i figure, blogs are kinda out now.. updates can be got via fb so why bother?

plus i'm lazy. hahaa, lack of time also attributes to my lack of entries but i guess on this lazy sunday afternoon where i find myself torn between the choice of either doing my laundry (which i'm going to have to anyway) and playing mass effect (which i've played more than 10 hours in the past two days), laundy wins out.

so i'll just blog first.

so last i blogged, it was chinese new year, i just bought a car and it was valentines day.

wow, it was THAT long ago wasn't it ? time seems to fly.

since then i've gone horse back riding which was awesomely fun, celebrated easter and a semiversary and gone to tiesto and cats. seems rather action packed doesn't it ?

some photos.



horseback riding.

semiversary at the verge. ohm nom nom.
my newest addition to the jewellery collection (;

ok, time for me to go fold and iron clothes or i'll hv nothing to wear to work tomorrow (oh, the horror)

later ppl !

may the force be with doing something different,