Thursday, September 15, 2005


today, as i sit here, surrounded by numerous bks, i ponder upon this question which has been a constant gnat in my mind... 'Why in the world do i bother to blog? i don't even particularly like blogging'. the first answer that comes to mind is 'coz i'm bored' however pathetic that makes me and my life sound, i'm sad to say it's true. anyway, blogging, in a way, is a good way to keep up wid frenz lives.. although.. i seldom read my frenz blogs... wait a minute... seldom? more like nvr.. haha.. 'cept for like... wat, 3 ppl?? pathetic
anyway, this has been a turbulent month or so for me... despite the exams, which, by the way, rendered me an idiot as my brain cells were all killed off, i have to say, august was a pretty happy month for me... i had a good sem break and i have to say, i was genuinely pleased with life *grin*
good things, however, do not last.. they nvr do.... life is like a hill... it goes up, up, up but regardless, it will come down in the end... and i s'pose september stars clash wid my leo ones.. hahahaha....
it's pathetic. only 14days have passed. and i this mth has been waaaaaaaaaaaaaay frustrating, irritating, upsetting, any negative emotion. seems everything bad HAS to happen together all at once. oh well. i'll live and i definitely hope life will pick up again soon.. haha... oh well... i'll juz picked up the scattered shards of life and continue from there.. sooner or later, the puzzle will be completed.. muah ha ha!! i'm trying to sound.. hmm... poetic?? juz comes across as lame.. oh well.. back to my bks... prom coming up. finals coming up. freedom coming up. woo hoo!!
may the force be with non-willing bloggers..