Friday, March 18, 2011

the year

so christmas, my sister's wedding, new year, chinese new year have passed and wtf, it's march already. where did my year go?

2010 being by and large a hugely uneventful year, i've promised myself i wouldn't let this year go to waste either. so i signed up for something huge ! i'm not sure i can do it.. i know i'm not cut out to take everything in stride (oh why oh why, wasn't i born brilliant *sigh*) but i really have to achieve something every year, so this is it!

i can feel the panic rising already, it's hard to quell it :(
just.. thinking about it makes me scared.

oh well.
do my best and i'll see from there.

also on a side note, grampians tomorrow with jien and then moonraker dolphin swims with wilson for our anniversary sometime next month. this is gonna be, wait for it, awesome !

and in the mean time some photos !

xmas with the family -

sister's wedding dinner and tea ceremony -


chinese new year -

may the force be with wanting to be brilliant (failing that, to marry a millionaire/billionaire)