Thursday, December 30, 2004

flight of thoughts and tsunamis

my com's spoilt.. as in so totally spoilt, i can't even turn it on.. *sniff* lucky my bro is letting me use his com.. only in the afternoon though.. nvm, it's better than nothing.. long time since i've upgraded my blog.. hmm.. let me gather my thoughts and go back into the past.....
ok, nth interesting happened for some time so i'll skip straight to christmas eve.. coz that's when i actually did something.. i went for the christmas eve countdown thing.. my goodness, i think this might be my first and last time going.. it was kinda boring and everyone there was like a little mad.. spraying everyone else (even the ppl they didn't know) with conffetti and attempting to make a white christmas.. oh, more like a multi-coloured christmas... i doubt i'm made for crowds.. felt so claustrophobic so went to take refuge in secret recipe where one of my friends is working.. so my girlfriends and i talked to him.. and avoided the mess of sardines (cars and people alike) lol, thankfully, me and my two girlfriends i was with escaped unscathed (and reasonably clean)
christmas day! when for my friend's party where i got to meet up with some of my friends and of course.. a friend whom i haven't met since prom nite... coz she's always out.. lol but she's going back to kl.. oh well.. nice to meet up with her again after so long.. . really really missed her.. ahaha.. die liao me... cannot live without my friends.. now my college starting (jan 3rd) i'm really really alone.. thank goodness got one of my bestest buds there.. so my sanity will be salvages somewhat.. ahaha
my sister came back.. so spending lots of time with her b4 school reopens.. or more like college reopens.. went for the open day juz now.. *sigh* i'm one of the few english school ppl there.. most are from chinese schools... oh well, time to broaden my horizons.. classes startin on monday.. my goodness, the lecture hours are freaking long.. classes start at 8 and end at 4 pm.. on some days, they end on 5.30.. and no breaks in between safe for the one hour break for lunch.. haih...
newest news at the moment... tsunami! there was tremors at bout 9pm.. didn't feel it. thought my friend was joking when he msged asking whether i felt the tremors... but after a while, i believed it coz i kept on getting updates from different ppl telling me the effects of the tsunami across the globe.. at that time i was driving (under my instructor's supervision) and he kept on like shaking his head and all (during the two hour duration, i got 7msgs and 1 phone call) a note to new drivers... instructors don't like ur phone to ring during lessons.. ahaha...
driving was kinda fun.. got to go on the road.. but my driving isn't too good.. have a tendency to si hoay.. ahaha.. and at traffic lights (haven't si hoay b4 then) i'm pretty slow at changing gears.. makes lots of ppl horn at me.. ahaha
back to the tsunami.. i was so thankful that no one i knew was involved... i mean some of the ppl i know had their cars getting spoilt but no one i knew died or got injured... *phew*
heard that penang club and penang swimming club got the tidal waves pretty bad... the ppl in penang swimming club (from wat i heard) were pretty lucky.. coz the first wave only started making things crack (that's when ppl started running) and after everyone was safe, then only the second wave struck..
may the force be with those who suffered from the natural disaster that's taken the life of thousands...

Friday, December 24, 2004


today was my first day of driving!! yay.. luv driving.. although my control of the car super super cacat.. gimme a break, k? my first hour ever behind a wheel.. and i nvr knew nuts bout cars b4.. hehe... i did the 3-point-turn and hill-thing.. it wasn't too bad... but my control of the car is still kinda bad.. the car has a tendency to bcome jerky.. lol.. oh well.. who cares!! i can drive soon!! yay!
got home and (for the first time in my entire life) cleaned up my bathroom.. as in scrub the floors (ala cinderella.. ahaha) not bad if i have to say so myself.. my bathroom much much cleaner.. lol
after that when to prangin (too bored d) wanted to get christmas prezzies and some cds.. got a frenz christmas gift but didn't get any cds.. met a friend and went to gurney after that (she drove)
evening got home.. soooo tired d.. then parents wanted to go back to prangin.. so i dragged my sorry legs up and went.. lol
not much christmas decos in prangin this yr.. but got to hang out with my parents a bit (something i haven't done in ages) went to northam beach cafe after that.. ahaha.. one of the serving guys quite cute.. ahahahahaha
may the force be with people with L license...

Thursday, December 23, 2004

walking away

today was spent at the cineplex, listening to people sing.. honestly! went to watch phantom of the opera with my friend who juz returned from singapore.. the show was quite good (although i doubt guys will like it very much). there was like absolutely no conversation though.. mostly singing.. i think at least 99% was singing.. the actors and actresses' voice was like absolutely superb.. really fantastic, the way they could control their voices.. *scratches head* i wonder whether olden days people really talked that way.. if they did, their rhyming and rhythmic skills must have been superb..
anyway, aside from the show, it was pretty good to meet up with my singaporean friend and also my old school friends.. could kick back and chat and laugh and juz hang out.. won't be able to do it very much already after this... *sniff* one of my frenz wants to go for the diploma in computer at disted, one of my frenz wants to go to aimst, one will be going to inti (with me) but different programme, probably a few will be going to f6, one's pretty much undecided (depends on her parents) and one might be going to singapore for the asean scholarship.. that means i've got only one week more to hang out with my fren with the asean scholarship.. *sniff*
haih.. everything parts in the end.
hehe.. it was also very fun to bully jo.. ahaha.. long time since i had the chance to do that! ahahahahahaha..
may the force be with parting frenz,

Monday, December 20, 2004

upon reflection

finally i've decided to upgrade my blog since i'm back from kl and i'm sufficiently well-rested.. this blog is gonna be super-long coz i'm gonna be giving a brief oratory on my one week trip to kl and obviously, wat i did after i got back on saturday
sunday morning was spent travelling.. not the best way to spend a sunday morning but oh well.. hmm.. i think since spm ended, my brain's rotted... monday was spent at sungai wang.. hehe.. went to berjaya times square imax theatre to watch polar express.. wow.. it was super super super super cool.. the show sucked (not worth the RM20 charged.. lucky i didn't need to pay for my own ticket... dad took care of that.. hehe) but the 3D thing.. wow.. nth to say but wow.. hmm, aside from that, there was this guy (013 number) who got the wrong number.. ahaha.. then thought i was his gf or summat.. kept on irritating me half to death till everything got ironed out.. ahaha.. pls, i hate it when ppl ask u to try to guess who they are over the bloody phone.. gimme a break.. how are the recepients s'pose to know?? argh.. wasted my time, money (lots of that.. ish) and patience.. argh.. anyway, tuesday was spent at the summit (don't ask me why.. nobody ever go there.. it's a terribly boring place..) s'posed to go to the toy museum.. and the most ironic thing?? the toy museum there was closed.. it had moved really... guess where?? home sweet home, penang.. ahaha
went to stay at my sister's place on wed.. went for her carolling at one of the many branches of starbucks in kl.. filmed one of their four songs b4 the memory card filled up.. ahaha
thursday morning (after my sister's lecture) went to midvalley megamall.. walk walk a bit but nth much to buy.. kl fashion kinda weird.. they seem to be into this floaty large clothing.. hmm.. anyway, nth much to buy in their sales.. unless u like sporty shirts.. but how many of those kinda shirts can u get?? summore my mum wants me to get more 'serious' shirts for college nxt yr.. ahaha.. forlon hope, that...
watched ocean's 12 too.. kinda pathetic the show.. come on, how can julia roberts play.. julia roberts?? and bruce willis playing himself?? and someone can actually say that julia robert's character (tess) doesn't even look a bit like julia roberts?? puh-leez...
went for her christmas party after that.. took turkey.. yay! although really, why turkey?? it's tough and leathery.. chicken tastes better... or if ppl want a more exotic meat, y not venison or summat?? oh well.. something beyond my comprehension.. kinda paiseh though.. coz i tagged along (can't stay home alone.. my big chie chie don't let.. hehe) and friday went shopping at sungai wang again!! yay.. got 2 shirts from kl (they're both blue.. my mummy will kill me when she she finds out.. i told her i bought two shirts.. juz not the colour.. she doesn't want me to buy blue d coz roughly 60% of my cupboard's blue.. hehe) but they're the more 'sporty' kinda clothing.. hehe..
hopefully my mum will take me shopping in pg (coz i do need 'serious'-ish clothing.. *grin*)
anyway.. saturday was back to penang for me.. yay! so happy to be back on home-ground.. ironic though.. didn't have to sit through any jams in kl on sat but when got back to penang.. haih... jammed all the way home (nah.. green lane area only.. but bad enough)
nite time went to the ctc campfire.. it was pretty impressive as this year's campfire nites went.. a bit weird though, the theme... it was themed 'let's get it started'. weird, no??
by time i got back, i was dead-tired.. but my brain wasn't.. sometimes, life is so full of paradox.. i was tired but i wasn't.. as in my body was tired but my brain wasn't.. so i went online.. ahaha
but aside from finding out my fren got 2nd in a national essay com, nth much happened
anyway, sunday was spent recuperating.. ahaha.. i slept the whole day off.. literally.. from 2 until like 8 lidat.. even skipped dinner (accidentally).. now really really hungry.. hadn't had any meals in two days 'cept for the lunch i had today.. yesterday by now.. *grin*
i'm not anorexic.. juz that by time i got back from kl, didn't have time to eat coz had to clean up the house's one week of dust and muck... then went for the campfire rite after so didn't have time for dinner either.. cept my milo.. hehe
may the force be with hungry people...

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Conclusion and Finale

hmm, juz got back from the traplex campfire nite... the theme of the camp was imperial revolution? or was it something else?? not too sure.. anyway, went there at 7.20pm. s'pose to start at 7. oh well... i was soooooo bored.. no one to talk to!! finally my friend came at around 7.40 and we manage to get into the campsite round 7.45
after that.. things steadily went downhill.. haih... i mean, i was prepared to be bored.. but at least wanted to meet sum frenz.. well, we did.. juz hardly talked to any of them.. 'cept for, like, wat? eight ppl? the rest were more of 'hi! how are you? spm's over? wat u doing?? ooh, like dat, kay, catch up with you another time.... yadda, yadda, yadda' lol, all in all, not that interesting a nite... nvm, i still kinda had fun.. and the fire (TX:04) was super super impressive..
one thing i have to say: TX:03 was MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better!! more ppl, more events, more banners, more money used (ahaha), more helpers, more excos.. more everything! there were definitely bigger gateways and preparations last yr compared to this yr.. ahaha, coz last year, we had a big and helpful committee as well as helpers who didn't mind putting in free labour.. ahaha... was sooo much more impressed with last yr's traplex compared to this one.. wasn't too bad, but ours was the best!! keke
sad.. after got back, my friend told me she had rock the world V tix and asked me whether i wanted to go... my answer was obviously yes but then my parents didn't want to let me go.. coz the concert's in kl and they're not willing to drop me off someplace to meet up with my friend.. hmm, probably coz my dad's lazy to go round kl... haih.. wish i didn't need to go down with them.. *sighs regretfully* if i didn't go, sure can go for the concert d.. haih... anyway, nvm, i'll be back on the 18th.. perhaps can find something to do then...... *musing thoughtfully*
all in all, the day wasn't bad... went shopping juz now at super komtar and prangin... got a new dress (for my cuz's wedding nxt yr.. i don't particularly like wearing dresses but then for weddings, dresses are a must) and it was super super cheap.. come on, where can u get maxis for like RM80?? super's closing down so everything's on sale!! wanted to get a skirt from adax ( i luv luv luv adax.. ahaha) but my mum said it was too expensive so my skirt's gonna be bought by sum1 else.. lol
then after that, hopped over to prangin where i got the checked shirt i've been wanting for ages!! it was kinda expensive but (dunno y, really) my mum said that it was ok and she got it for me!! may the world never cease to be filled with surprises.. ahaha..
was hoping to meet my friend there.. she said she might go.. didn't but then i still got to do a lil' bit of my new yr shopping.. ahaha
haih.. now that i'm back from the campfire, i'm still bored.. lol.. and a tad disappointed.. oh well, i'll have fun in kl with my parents... siblings couldn't make it.. haih.. oh well, look at the bright side, i'll get to spend time with my parents..
may the force be with people who go to campfires...

Friday, December 10, 2004

three, two, one... blast off!

actually... this blog has nth to do with its title.. come to think of it, my blogs seldom have much to do with the titles.. ahaha... but this one (even by my standards) has even less to do with its title than my usual.. oh well... who cares?? i certainly don't and if anyone has a prob with it... wat to do? it's my blog.. ahahaa.. i think i'm getting led off the track d.. haih.. that's wat boredom will do to braincells kua.. ahaha

today was the first time i finally managed to hang out with my bestest bud since spm ended! she went for camp so we went to prangin mall juz now.. yesterday really since today's already saturday
the place was full of sales! but she memang not a shopping-kaki.. weird how i can get a long with her when we have conflicting interests.. ahaha.. got a new shirt.. quite cool too, like tie-n-dye
spent most of our time at cd shops (she can spend hours gazing at cds.. ahahahaha..) up point: now that i know they're sales there... hehe.. i'm gonna bring my mum there later to do my new year shopping!! hehe.. since i'm going down to kl with them n i really really really really doubt i'll be doing shopping there.. i definitely know my trip is gonna consists of baby-sitting.. oh well.. be a filial daughter and keep my mouth shut ~blewk
wasted.. i thought it'll be quite fun being able to overnite at my frenz place.. oh well... u don't always get wat u want.. furthermore very the pai seh.. last minute back out like dat.. gave mrs. lee so short notice to tell them i was going and then after that same day pull out.. haih.. *pai seh*
haih.. i've really been running through my money like water.. better start saving.. dunno y now that spm's finished i suddenly became so spend-thrift.. i was usually quite tight-fisted bout spending money prior to this.. keke.. also known as kam-siap.. ahaha
later going for the traplex campfire nite.. according to my friend, got some probs.. lol, he said ours was better.. but i s'pose after allthe time and energy (2 months and RM200 later) ours had better count for something.. lol
kayz, that's pretty much all bout my boring day.. gotta go n repack my bag.. yay! get to use my new travelling bag (my old one kinda imploded on itself after exc.. i've no idea how torn up camps have made it till i tried to salvage it starting of this yr.. ahaha)
if anyone's reading this, kudos to u for being able to stand reading a whole load of crap.. really, other ppl's lifes aren't that interesting.. ahaha
may the force be with ppl who are bz packing bags...

hawaian extravaganza~

today.. yesterday really, was a momentous day for us mgs-ians.. it was our prom nite! or actually our seniors farewell themed 'hawaian nite'. after hours and hours slogging to find something to wear and all the energy we put in to get accessories and stuff, the time had come where we could finally show off how well we had spent our cash. time to flaunt the hairstyles, makeup, jewellery and clothes!! keke
all in all, since i borrowed heavily from ppl, i didn't really spend much on the prom.. only RM10 for my hair (wash and blow).. ooh, that's not counting the petrol cost to go up to sandy bay and back again.. lol
the dinner itself not too bad.. food was quite good.. and also managed to get a table with only our konco.. keke... events also weren't too bad.. lol, friend got a 2day 1 nite stay at a suite.. lol.. we r (obviously) gonna bug her to let us make use of it ~blewk
wow, the best dressed girl and best dressed guy thingy.. lol.. sp lawak.. but the participants all shy to dance.. keke
kayz.. that's pretty much it.. spent a lot a lot of time taking photos.. hehe.. but after all the monet and effort put into the prom, y not?? lol.. but we were kinda noisy bout it.. until there were guards complaining to keep us quiet.. ahaha..
may the force be with all prom goers...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

euphoria and satisfaction

wow.. today's a real land-mark to me.. i've been walking for a record.. *drum roll* 10 hours!! first (at 1) to gurney to shop for a friend's prom dress.. couldn't find anything so we headed to her place at bout 5+ 6 lidat.. went to youth park where we hung out till 7.30 then went for dinner with her parents.. so pai seh, they belanja.. lol, but the food was good *smile*
anyway, went to batu ferringhi after that where my pals pulled off an amazing story so that we could get a parking lot.. go to walk to the stalls also went through a less conventional exit.. ahahaa...then to go back had to go through a 'side' entrance.. lol.. didn't manage to get anything for my friend's prom but still.. it was a real good day spent with my buddies *grin*
then my friends saved my life... they'll know wat i'm talking about.. ahaha.. in the car *laughs and laughs*
now at home d... i'm tired but still full of energy.. wat a paradox.. lol.. think i'll watch a movie b4 i sleep.. hmm... methinks i'll watch kaena now..
may the force be with contented people...

Sunday, December 05, 2004


went to listen to the 3hour lecture bout driving this morn.. it was sooo boring.. summore 6 of us were in teh motorbike one for 20minutes b4 realised that we were in the wrong one.. ahaha..
the lecturer (for the motorbike one) was kinda irritating.. after he found out that i've nvr rode a bike b4, he kept on picking on me.. dunno y.. especially since there were like 4 others in the room who have nvr rode bikes b4 (those other blur ppl like me who were in the wrong lecture hall.. ahaha) haih... nvm.. i s'pose it must get kinda boring always repeating the same thing every 2 days.. ahaha
haih.. my phone got spoilt again!! ish.. hv to go n get it fixed.. went to 1-stop to get it fixed but then the shop i always go to was closed.. so going back again tomorrow.. oh wait, it's today d.. lol
but managed to buy some movies though.. watched incredibles... it's so-ooo cute!! really funny.. lol
worth all my cash... and mum bought me a new packing bag (my old one tore in one of my camps and i've been patching it up for the past couple of years.. less that 2 yrs but oh well.. it definitely is in a sad sad condition.. lol) best thing bout it is that it's BLUE and reebok!! liverpool's sponsor!! ahaha.. haih.. pity they drew yesterdays match against aston villa... nvm.. they still hv hope.. i think.. although their chances seem to be slimming vastly.. haih...
hopefully can go to batu ferringhi tomorrow.. luv the atmosphere there.. although i always get creamed when it comes to buying things.. most sellers think i'm singaporean or from some other foreign country... and try to charge really high prices for their wares... haih... must go with someone who can speak fluent hokkien.. luckily for me, that means almost all my friends.. ahaha.. won't get scammed if we go later... hopefully.. the sellers also seem to like to charge extraordinary prices for youngsters... bad bad evil evil ppl... lol
luckily got simple plan concert on tv.. got sumthing to watch.. yay! hehe.. so boring my life at the moment... ahaha
better go n pack tortoy so i won't forget to bring him down to kl for my sis... hmm... have to find place for it... *musing*
may the force be with people like me who are growing roots from boredom...

Journeys, voyages and money well-spent

kayz.. went to island with my friend today.. unfortunately, my mum was busy so she couldn't send me to island.. she dropped me at gurney.. and i walked to island.. that's practically like 3km!! lol.. now really really really foot-sore.. oh well, nvm... at least my friend and i manage to find her dress she could wear to the seniors' farewell.. that alone was worth my foot-sore.. ahaha
another up-point is i managed to find my bro's berfday gift!! juz in time too.. lol.. at least i've sumthin to give him for his berfday =)
tomorrow hopefully can watch the incredibles..
and going for my first driving lesson tomorrow!! can't wait *grin*
argh.. tired tired.. maybe won't bother to stay up for my tv show d...
may the force be with people with good shopping trips...

Saturday, December 04, 2004

blissful elation

lol, first day of freedom and i'm feeling soooo tired... keke... had to go to sch in the morning, tie up some loose ends (mainly getting our living cert and testimonial, really.. but had to arrange tables and chairs too.. lol, last service to the sch) so we went for dim sum in the morning..
wow, it was packed.. but the worse thing was that woman who had like absolutely no manners.. damn irritating... kept on trying to force food onto us.. i mean, i know, we're young and we're in a large group and it looks like we want to eat but puh-leese.. if we wanted to get the food we'll get it ourselves off the trolleys.. heck, gave her face nia coz she's old and everything but one's patience can run thin when there's someone trying to shove food on ur table everytime u had ur back turned.. arghh.. so kam-par.. nvm, give old ppl face *grin*
went to gurney after that to get sookie's prezzie... lol, the nonsense we were doing in body shop.. spraying perfume on everyone trying to get the scent when the whole area was already so polluted with scents.. keke, the perfume smelt much better outside the shop.. lol... really really exhausted.. spent the whole day walking.. and walking... and walking... and walking.. met some old frenz too... unfortunately, found out that spm results will be out on the 5th of march.. so did not want to know that.. lol
came back and wrapped the gift.. not really wrapping really.. stuffing the box with papers.. lol, we all had so much fun doing that.. and gossiping too.. wow, really foot-sore now.. lol
summore tomorrow going out to island with a friend again.. hope i can stay on my feet and awake.. =)
hehe, also watched my first ever episode of naruto, some jap cartoon.. it's quite funny really.. and cute.. lol
i'm really exhausted.. better go and sleep.. can actually hear my bed calling me.. keke, think i'll cut my interneting short for the day and crash...
may the force be with whomever who is tired, foot-sore, worn out and in need of a break...

Friday, December 03, 2004


spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over.. spm is over..

yay!! celebration time!! yay!yay!yay!