Sunday, November 11, 2012

gypsy & ham, maybe?

Gypsy & Pig, a restaurant that's famous for focusing on, you got it, pork. so after attempting a few times to get into this restaurant, shao finally did the smart thing and booked it. it's quite a small restaurant off little lonsdale (address is: Shop 3 391 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC 3000) with really friendly wait staff who all greet you upon entering. as expected all the decorations and menus are stenciled with pigs.

super cute specials menu :)

 anyway, gypsy & pig specialises on pork - korobuta pork to be exact which is supposed to be black pig.
am not too sure about the whole 'black pig' par. in my mind, a black pig is supposed to be, well, black. The meat isn't black at any bit at all ! and then maddie came up with the allusion of that if you cut any person up, black, white, asian, they're all gonna be the same colour inside so we can't be discriminating against black pigs, lol !

as expected, we ordered plenty of pork dishes. except for our entree of stuffed chicken wings.

we had plenty of deep fried dishes. seemed like there was plenty of deep fried stuff on the menu so we ended up ordering most of their deep fried stuff. we had deep fried scotch fillet, deep fried eye fillet and deep fried cheese hamburg steak. the chicken wings were awesome, the stuffing well complemented by the sauce they provided. i liked their deep fried korobuta scotch fillet and eye fillet as well although i have to say, while well cooked, you couldn't really taste the difference between the two meats. the highlight for me of the night was the hamburg steak with cheese. all the cheese oozing out, total yum.



we had pork belly as well, and pork stew that taste an awful lot like kimchi soup. the fried korobuta rice with omelette is a slimy egg version of nasi pattaya.

topped the meal out with dessert: black sesame and green tea icecream.

all in all, a good restaurant with pretty good food. i'll give it about 75/100. pretty good, i wouldn't mind going back again, and i definitely will recommend this restaurant to pork lovers out there.

may the force be with little black pigs,

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